Kill’em All With the Self Destruct Button Netsuke

Strapya Bomb Netsuke

Feel like you don’t get enough Jon Ashcroft in your life? Wish that the TSA would breath down your neck the next time you go to the airport? Well get your jihad on with your very own self destruct button netsuke from Strapya. The description is hilariously delicious:

Get frustrated? somebody teasing? or wanna end the world to reborn?? Alright, that’ enough the push the button for the big big bom. ka-boom BOOOONN!!!

Oh Strapya, you know we love you here at MaoChan. What is also funny is that it comes with double-sided tape so you can mount it somewhere, anywhere. On a bridge in Boston, a police box, your dog, wherever. All I know is that someone is going to get arrested due to this awesome toy.


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