MaoChan is Now a J-List Affiliate

Click now for J-List!
Click now for J-List

How goes it people. After applying and being accepted, MaoChan is now an official J-List Affiliate. Now you are probably wondering what that means exactly. Each time you purchase something through the link above, MaoChan will receive a commission.

Now I know your thinking, why the hell am I going to do this? Well, I write MaoChan in my free time and so far I have not been able to put any money towards features like a real URL. With the cash received from J-List, I will be using it to improve MaoChan.

As to why I went with J-List, they are a trusted seller of Japanese goods that I have been shopping with since back in high school (that was now 7 years ago roughly). Fast delivery, awesome t-shirts, and great customer service have been notable about them in particular and thus I feel good about promoting them. You will now find a small ad on the right side column that will take you to J-List and help out MaoChan.

Now go, you shopping monkeys.

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