WTW: Peggle


Finally can we over here on this side of the ocean get some panchinko loving. Peggle, from PopCap Games, is a digital pachinko game that has you sending metal balls into the unlit pegs. Your goal is to knock out the orange pegs with 10 balls. You get some help from power ups and also from the moving collector at the bottom where if you get a ball into the collector, you get a free ball.

Pachinko is one of those Japanese things that lots of people know about but never really go do. Smoke filled and possibly the loudest places ever, pachinko parlors are amazingly colorful delights for the eyes. Even just looking seems to be enough and it doesn’t cost you a Yen. Best part of Peggle is no Yakuza shakedowns for winning too much.


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One Comment on “WTW: Peggle”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    More parents should have this game available at home so they don’t have to worry about those embarrassing stories about them leaving their unattended children to die…

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