Tonight, We Dine on Yakisoba!!


Even though there are other Japanese foods I like more, due to simplicity and ease yakisoba is the crowned king of my favorite Japanese foods. So delicious and yet so easy, the interplay of cabbage, noodles, sauce, and pork are just fantastic. I prefer Kansai style (I bet you saw that coming), specifically the Nishihara Hiromi-kun version of the dish.

Din Din.

Hiromi-kun yakisoba ingredient list after the jump.

Change the ingredient list to the following:

* Pork or Seafood (prawn, squid, scallop etc) – 200g
* Boiled Chukamen (中華麺, “Chinese noodles”) noodles – 2 packets
* Cabbage – half small
* Green pepper – 1
* Carrot – 1 small
* Onion – 1 small
* Bean sprouts – Half or 1 pack
* Salt and pepper – a little
* Chikuwa – Half package (fish tubes)
* Yakisoba sauce – 4 or 5 tablespoons (Do not use tonkatsu sauce)
* Bonito Flakes

Cook as normal and just add the chikuwa and a little bonito flake to the hot dish while stir frying. When serving top with more bonito flakes for presentation and to add a bit of seafood flavor to the dish.

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