Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do


They always list these “consultants” at the end of movies who are people responsible for insuring the realism of whatever is their specialty. A military consultant will make sure that the guns are accurate and thus no one in a Civil War movie shows up with a Desert Eagle or M-16. When it comes to computers in movies, it is as if all these people are retarded monkeys.

From the movie Hackers to The Net, Hollywood has almost no concept of how computers work. From being able to control anything (even things without computers in them) to the virtual cities inside machines, they have a horribly distorted image of how computers function. Do they not realize that when they are at home and check their email, they don’t log into a Tron-esque world and fight for the right to delete spam.

FDisk that shit Johnson.

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2 Comments on “Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do”

  1. marcys Says:

    This is a real tease–very funny, but so short! You must add to it!

  2. marcys Says:

    Oops…I’m sorry. I noticed the link after posting the above. Went and read the whole article: very, very clever. The world needs more writing like this.

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