WTW: Tactics 100 Live

Tactics100 Live

Now here is a real Weekend Time Waster. Knights, mages, healers, strategy, online multiplayer, and it is free. Tactics 100 Live is shaping up to be huge in terms of flash games. Never have I seen such quality in a strategy game that is flash based. You get to build a team of knights, archers, healers, and mages. You then pit yourself against either the computer or other players online to see who has not only the best team build but also actual tactics in commanding your team.

I really like this game, it reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics but with a fast paced multiplayer component to it. It is nice too that even if the other team seems better than your guys, you can still win just with better maneuvering and micro management. Also really, everyone needs yet another way to wave their “e-penis” in some other guys face.


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