Get Your Japanese Newspapers Online

Asahi Shimbun

Now this might seem like a no brainer but some people just are not aware of these things. If you are, good for you, otherwise keep reading. Now most people get there Japanese news from a smattering of blogs. That is not really a bad thing but I do know that from time to time, I crave a newspaper with all the articles that I can pick and choose from. Well rather than paying a lot of money at Borders to get a copy of the Asahi Shimbun or the Daily Yomiuri, you can get them online.

These sites are great, Daily Yomiuri is actually in conjuction with Associated Press and the Asahi Shimbun is working with The Daily Herald/NYT. Now you can get all that deep, meaningful news that blogs like me skip. I apologize though since I know how emotionally invested you were in the 17 horse flu “outbreak” in Nagano Prefecture. My apologies to you and your forefathers.

Asahi Shimbun.
Daily Yomiuri.

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