Halo 3 Ending Leaked

Halo 3 Ending

So it is out there, the ending to the supposed greatest shit since the Atari 2600. I think you can infer from the last sentence that I am not into Halo. Sure the games are great, they are definitely above par. But they fall short of the stature to which they have climbed. If it were not for software shortage on the Xbox, this game would of been another “Oh hey did you play Halo? Oh yeah it rocked I recommend it” and not the “HOLY SHIT I NED HALOZ NOW!!” that you hear.

And before you cry out (fill in the blank) fanboy, I currently have a 360 which is in the shop and love, a wii, and soon will have a PS3. So far this gen, 360 is rocking it hard. I am a fan of good games, pure and simple. If you care to know my FPS preference, it is Quake 3 and UT2K4. Railgun bitches.

The end. (SPOILERS)

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