10 Excuses When Caught Cosplaying

Caught in the act

Now we have all been caught doing something stupid. Some of us were caught jacking it, or cheating on your girlfriends. Or doing it with that busted girl from the club. And even cosplaying/dressing up in a costume. Some times people have good excuses. But what do you do when your brain just farts? Use some time tested good excuses such as:

2. “My Wife Likes It” – Men across the world understand that what the wife likes and says is basically what goes. It’s an indisputable truth that governs the universe.

I think that one would work for pretty much anything that you are caught dressed as. The reason being that no matter how bizzarre the costume, the excuse chaulks it up to your wife’s strange, sick, demeaning, and gross fetishes. And that is the picture that we always wish to paint of our wives, as sexual deviants who know no bounds.

“Put on the hat!”

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