This Japanese Street is Widenot

Everyone says Japan has tiny streets. Well if you watch the video above, you realize they are telling the truth… and no it is not because everyone there is short. As a left over of old times when people walked, the streets and buildings in Japan are crowded together. Sure there are highways and major avenues like in America but the side streets are super tiny. You get used to it but at first it is scary to walk within inches of 50mph trucks and cars.

A side note of trivia is that other than the major roads, road signs do not exist in Japan. If you want to find your way to a small store for example, the instructions are impossible:

1) Turn at the dog with the brown nose.
2) Walk till you see a beer machine then make a left towards the Lawson.
3) Take a reft at the right.

So you then ask yourself, “Is it a left at the light or a left at the light, also there are beer machines EVERYWHERE!!!…. damn it I am screwed.” And that is how you find the way.

Courtesy of JapanProbe.

Part 2 after the jump

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One Comment on “This Japanese Street is Widenot”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    it’s good that Japanese aren’t as fat as Americans or there would really be a decline in population with these streets…

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