Tokyo Game Show 07: Booth Girls

TGS07 Boothgirls

One highlight of any gameshow (except the E3 homoshow) are the booth girls. What are booth girls you ask? Well come sit in my lap Billy and let me tell you about a fantastical, quite wondrous thing. You see, at gameshows like the Tokyo Game Show the companies hire girls to dress skimpy and promote the products. From handing out shwag to just looking hot, they serve a function. The function being that for many nerds who go to these shows these are the only girls they will ever be able to get close to.

In case you were wondering about the E3 homoshow comment, on top of becoming one of the more gimped shows out there, they also banned the use of booth girls at the show. Sex sells, that is true but it wasn’t like you walked into the Konami booth and got an oily handjob while testing out the new Metal Gear game. That really would of given a new definition to name “Liquid Snake”.

Live Nude Girls! (Not Nude)

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