Win a Copy of Japanamerica


Over at Plastic Bamboo they are holding a contest to win a copy of the new book Japanamerica. The contest involves writing about what one thing the West should take from Japan. Hop over and read an interview with the writer and get more details on the contest. If you care to read, here is my entry:

The one thing that needs to be adopted by the West from the East is the Japanese super toilet. Sure you can buy the Washlets from TOTO USA but at a hefty premium and I am sorry but my colon deserves the best.

While I was in Kyoto, my host family had a super toilet. After hiking around the wilderness of Japan and using their “traditional” toilets (traditional means bug infested stinkhole in English), the super toilet was a small trip to heaven. From its plush covered seat, the heating element that was oh so perfectly warm on my buns, to the deoderizer that filtered out the vile and putrid smells that I emanated, the toilet took me to a realm that I had only wished about. But even in all this luxury, it seemed it could not get any better but that was until the automatic bidet functions. Warm spray, gentle but with the force to cleanse.

The Japanese super toilet is one thing I have been yearning for more than any other item found in Japan. Even in America where we get almost every item that Japan produces, the super toilet is not to be easily found. I think America needs to stand up and proudly adopt a cleaner butt habit of pooping. Goodbye we shall say to the demons of old. So long dingle berries, au revoir itchy butt, sayonara skid marks. None of you will be missed as people will enjoy the fresh, liberating feeling of no longer feeling dirty after dropping a deuce.

My butt thanks all those who join the cause, the movement towards a super toilet America.

Free stuff.

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