Lego Creations

Lego Vanship

As a child, I had more Legos than the Lego factory in Denmark. My walls were lined with the sets. I wasn’t one of those kids that had buckets full of pieces, I was a curator of completed sets that ranged from the medieval king’s castle to the spaceships of the future. They were a passion of mine that I loved growing up with. Alas I grew up and now they are all in boxes.

Some people though seem to never grow up and still play with the toys. They create sculptures of great intricacy using the Lego medium. Over at MOCPages, they have galleries full of photos ranging from steampunk Lego robots to characters from Star Wars. The one above is a vanship from the anime Last Exile. How dorky yet cool.

Brick by brick.

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2 Comments on “Lego Creations”

  1. xiupan Says:

    I miss legos… ; ;

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