Japanese Homeless Are Doing It Right

Japanese Homeless

Above is a picture of a home of someone who is homeless in Japan. Now I know you are thinking, “Man my house isn’t that nice” and that is because you shit on the floor. In Japan, the homeless are not the deranged, mentally unbalanced freaks and freeloaders that they are here in America. They are usually people who just lost their job and can’t get back on their feet. Luckily Japan’s government has programs such as rent subsidies and job training to help them out.

The picture is actually of a shanty built in Osaka, which are quite common around the Osaka Museum of History. Being semi-permanent, it is only recently that the government has really cracked down on them being there. Most of the time, they let them live there as they do no harm to anyone. Unlike those begging intersection rapscallions here in the USA.

Happy Hobo.

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