Live Action Halo Short

Last One Standing

Apparently everyone and their dog went out and getz tha Haloz. I didn’t and thus saved $75 and lots of frustration with scratched discs and nerds galore. I did though have time to catch an amazing clip online sponsored by the Discovery Channel. It is a promotion for the show Last One Standing, which has nothing to do with Halo, but they decided to film a live action clip of the going ons of the boys who fight alongside with Master Chief.

Interesting is that the clip comes from Neill Blomkamp, the guy who did Alive in Joburg. He was slated to direct the full length Halo movie but last rumor was that he was cut from the project. Made with help from WETA digital, this clip shows how gritty and awesome this guy can make a film and that is with a small budget let alone millions.

Blomkamp rocks.

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