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Silent Hill: The Arcade

October 3, 2007

The Arcade

Bubbly nurses with tig ol’ bitties who want to cut off your face. That is Silent Hill in a nutshell. Now in Japan only is the action taking it to the streets with the release of Silent Hill: The Arcade. As is usual, the story will involve twisted events of the past finally catching up to someone.

In 1918, a steamboat, The Little Baroness, disappeared in Toluca Lake. After 75 years, Eric, Tina, Bill, and Jesse go to Silent Hill. Eric has some sort of unknown connection with the Baroness and Tina has come, to visit a little girl named Emilie and her father, Frank. However, the town is full of monsters. To make matters worse, Bill is wounded and both Emilie and Jessie disappear. Now, Eric and Tina have to find their friends while trying discover what’s wrong with the city, and also find out Eric’s connection to The Little Baroness.

Gameplay video after the jump.

Sooo scary.


YTMND: Nigga Stole My Taser

October 3, 2007

Punch Out

If you never saw the original, here you go. The game featured is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! on the NES. Quite a good game based on who was an amazing boxer who turned into a woman beating, baby eating, ear biting, raping you till you love me freak.

Unless you are an uneducated weirdo who doesn’t watch the news at all, you probably know about the guy who got tasered and has sparked a phenomenon with his delightfully hilarious catchphrase. I don’t think comedy skits could ever be written this well. I personally think he deserves the tasing for using the term “bro”. What are we living in, 1990? Is Bill and Ted still cool? Whatever, I am going to go watch Back to the Future and listen to Debbie Gibson cassettes in my room.