Ninja Warrior Hotness

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Every once in awhile, something cool happens on TV. Ninja Warrior or Sasuke in Japan is such an item. Guys pit themselves against some incredibly hard challenges such as ascending 100m in 30 seconds but 50m are between two walls and 50m are climbing a rope. There is also the woman’s version of the show called Kunoichi and you get some real lookers on there.

Rie Komiya is such a girl. She has competed twice, once in the 4th Competition in 2004 where she failed on Domino Hill in the Third Stage and then again in the 5th Competition in 2006 where she failed the Final Stage. Interesting note is that she was also unofficially on the sound team for the show Death Note.


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One Comment on “Ninja Warrior Hotness”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Boobies!! :O!!!
    What could be better than ninjas and boobies?
    I can’t think of anything 😛

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