MaoChan Status Update

So it is time for another status check on how is MaoChan doing. Just in case you missed it, our beloved namesake as passed on. Things are returning to normal though.

As for here on MaoChan, things are very good. The site is getting about 250 readers a day and the numbers are still going up so keep spreading the word. I would also like to point out that we are now a J-List affiliate. I know it sounds like bad marketing but for every dollar you spend there, I get 12% of the sale. That money will be used to make MaoChan better. I also don’t feel bad about advertising them as I actually do shop there and think they are great for fulfilling your Japanese needs.

I also wanted to bring up the idea of a giveaway, is anyone interested in free stuff? I want to hear what you think we should give away and how it should be done. Let’s get creative here people. And I want to hear from you people who lurk in the shadows.

Go forth and spread the MaoChan. It tastes like butter.

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One Comment on “MaoChan Status Update”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Who doesn’t like free stuff? 😛
    Yay for the giveaways.

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