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Takashi Murakami Skate Decks

October 8, 2007

Murakami Decks

These skate decks are amazing works of art that deserved to be hung on the wall. I, especially my fantastic weirdo who I love that is my wife, are fans of Murakami’s artwork and even have his Roppongi Hills promo poster in our bedroom. His style of Superflat is unique and colorful in a way that most art just can’t convey. If you are wondering what is Superflat:

Superflat is a postmodern art movement, founded by the artist Takashi Murakami, which is influenced by manga and anime. In a response to the homogenization of Japanese media and art, “Superflat” attempts to critique the vacuity of post-war Japanese culture, including criticisms of the otaku lifestyle, consumerism, and related issues.

Currently the online store is closed but hopefully soon to be back as each deck is only $68 which makes this some of the cheapest Murakami art to own, considering his usual items such as Louis Vuitton bags go for $1k+ and posters range somewhere between $300 to $2.5k if signed.



October 8, 2007

Just in case you haven’t seen it on T.V. or the intertubes yet, this will probably be a new fade on YTMND.