Takashi Murakami Skate Decks

Murakami Decks

These skate decks are amazing works of art that deserved to be hung on the wall. I, especially my fantastic weirdo who I love that is my wife, are fans of Murakami’s artwork and even have his Roppongi Hills promo poster in our bedroom. His style of Superflat is unique and colorful in a way that most art just can’t convey. If you are wondering what is Superflat:

Superflat is a postmodern art movement, founded by the artist Takashi Murakami, which is influenced by manga and anime. In a response to the homogenization of Japanese media and art, “Superflat” attempts to critique the vacuity of post-war Japanese culture, including criticisms of the otaku lifestyle, consumerism, and related issues.

Currently the online store is closed but hopefully soon to be back as each deck is only $68 which makes this some of the cheapest Murakami art to own, considering his usual items such as Louis Vuitton bags go for $1k+ and posters range somewhere between $300 to $2.5k if signed.


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  1. […] ree” line.  Yep, Kiwi West (As Dos Un calls him) is teaming up with skateboard designer, Takashi Murakami who illustrated the cover art for West’s new album, “Graduation” to take a stab a […]

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