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Are They Real or Fake?

October 9, 2007

GT5 Quiz.

Now I know many of you perverts showed up expecting lots and lots of photos of women’s boobies. Well this is about something much hotter, cars. Gran Turismo 5 is gearing up for release and they are doing it by releasing GT5 Prologue. The Prologue series has been around in Japan for awhile, they are almost like $50 teasers that just help fanatics get even more GT into their day.

With amazing graphics and an attention to detail that is unrivaled, Polyphony Digital has always been up there with the likes of Kojima and Miyamoto in terms of quality. Theirs is so good, you have to ask yourself one question, “Can you tell real from fake?” Hint: the fake ones stay perky even without a bra. Pervert.

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