A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse

Steampunk Guy

Ask 2 of your friends some basic survival questions and see if you really would want to be with them in case of a catastrophe. Do they know more than 3 ways to start a fire? Can you filter dirty water into clean water with at least 2 systems made by hand? The reason I say multiple for each is that you will never find yourself in that perfect setting where you have what you need and shouldn’t have to rely on that missing item to start something simple as a fire. Well now when the global apocalypse occurs and we end up living in a real steampunk era, you can now be sure that you are ready.

A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse is a free to download or $5 for hard copy book that contains 56 pages of wisdom that will help you to live on your own without the conveniences that you have grown to rely on. From filtering water, growing vegetables in your homemade compost, to dealing with contagions, the book covers it all. This guide, although geared for the end of days, is actually a very well written and documented survival guide to have. Luckily I don’t have to worry about stuff like that, since space and time bend to my will.

Steam and Gears Sandwiches. (PDF)

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One Comment on “A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Haha my dad and I were actually talking about our own family contingency plan whenever the Avian Flu takes hold and starts killing off millions of people. You know it’s gonna happen. As long as you bring some dry food and water to help out, the Hong bunker will be open to friends and family 😛

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