Bikini Rocker Riding Pie Fight

Bikini Pie Fight

I think now we can stop. We have channels like Spike and G4, so called “Men’s TV” which are nothing but havens for really shitty shows. Why the hell do they even bother when Japan has it already taken care of. Who wants to see reruns of Stargate SG1 and bad dubs of Takeshi’s Castle when in Japan right now they have real shows for guys. Take 2 girls in bikinis, make them ride rocker vibrator things, and have them throw pies at each other.

It is a little hard to tell from the screencap above but her O-Face is showing just how much girls love to be filmed getting hit in the face with stuff, whether it be meatballs, semen, or pies. They just want to take it in the face on film. TBS should get on this bandwagon because if this isn’t the definition of what T.V. should be, then I am truly going to breakdown and cry.

“Ride it bitch!”

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One Comment on “Bikini Rocker Riding Pie Fight”

  1. xiupan Says:

    The show got even better when I realized Asian Kung-Fu Generation was playing in the background while they were throwing pies at each other… hot Japanese girls in bikinis throwing pies at each other to AKFG. I just defined heaven.

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