C’était Un Rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch

In light of the recent breaking of the TransAmerica driving record, here is the video that has inspired pretty much everyone and anyone who has wanted to go fast. C’était Un Rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch is a short 9 minute true tour dé force of driving, showcasing one man’s speed trip through the streets of France.

There has been criticism on how fast the car was traveling where some say never faster than 140 km/h (85 mph). Lelouch himself claimed that the top speed achieved was over 200 km/h, somewhere between 230 km/h and 240 km/h. Also the soundtrack is dubbed as Lelouch himself as stated that the car was a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 which was only available with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Yet, one can hear gear changes up into 5th, with a high-revving engine indicating speeds of well over 200 km/h. This video is art.

A votre sante.

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4 Comments on “C’était Un Rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lol how the hell did he not get caught by the cops?
    He ran red lights and shit!

  2. cygnus183 Says:

    He was arrested after this film was released. I think he spent a couple days in jail. It’s out on DVD, but it’s kinda expensive for how short it is.

  3. […] real reason to post about Lelouch’s famous run is because of this man, Alex Roy. He and his copilot did what many thought was impossible, drive […]

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