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Senjo No Kizuna: Ultimate Gundam Game

October 18, 2007

Senjo No Kizuna

Unlike America where arcades are a dessicated viscera of its former self, Asia still sees the arcade as a jumping local for people to go and play. Japan is still thriving in terms of the arcade, there is nothing that is out of the realm of possibility there. That even includes building a machine with pods that you sit in and control, using feet, hands, and a panoramic screen to pilot a Gundam. That’s right, in Senjo No Kizuna you get to pilot a Gundam in the most realistic game to date.

When you hit the jump you will see not only a large gallery but also the AkibaNews guy actually hop in and play the game. Just like almost every single game in Japan, they use magnetic cards to save your progress, you can then build up and customize your mecha. The game also features full connectivity so you can battle anyone in Japan, not just the local players. This reminds me of some good times at Kawaramachi Arcade, playing F-Zero AX with the full motion seats with one hand on the wheel and another on a 750ml Asahi Super Dry. Oh Japan with its lack of no open container laws and beer vending machines everywhere.

Gundamium Alloy.