Chu-Hi: A True Hidden Japan Gem


I had mentioned I would elaborate on what the fuck Chu-Hi is, well here you go:

Chuhai (チューハイ or 酎ハイ, Chuhai?), sometimes sold as chuhi, is an alcoholic drink originating from Japan. The name is derived from “shōchū highball” and is usually flavored with fruit or soda.

Think candy soda with alcohol in it. Coming in flavors such as lime, grapefruit, apple, orange, pineapple, grape, kiwi, ume (plum), yuzu (a citrus fruit), peach, and personal favorite, Ramune, the drink usually when served at a bar is low in alcohol. But in the can it can go up to as high as 7% (14 proof). Meaning that while you thought you were a big boy drinking beer, the Chu-Hi dude is getting ripped twice as fast. Many a night were obliterated thanks to the wonder that is Chu-Hi.

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One Comment on “Chu-Hi: A True Hidden Japan Gem”

  1. xiupan Says:

    I should ask my dad’s business partner, Kikuchi-san, if he can actually import some of these into the U.S.

    I’ve honestly never seen any flavored malt liquors or anything like that in a can here in America.

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