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Devil Neko Samurai Costume

November 1, 2007

Devil Kitty Samurai

The dude who wins the award for coolest costume that I will definitely copy for the hell of it is this guy with his Devil Kitty Samurai Warlord costume for Halloween. Using nothing but rubber stoppers and a 32 gallon garbage bin, he dremelled and spray painted it into pure awesomeness. The best touch of course is the little neko head on the Date Masamune style helm he created.

Undoubtedly this took awhile but the results are well worth it. But with how cool that came out you gotta give the guy mad props. Also I like how he doesn’t wield a sword but a ringed monk’s staff. Very chic. Now all he has to do is go get on a plane with a few thousand like minded and clothed people and reenact the battle of Sekigahara. I will be the one who is called a cheater by bringing a gun to a garbage bin armor fight. Hey, you gotta say one step ahead.

“Go forth into battle.”