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Korean Subways Decked Out

November 2, 2007

Korean Subways Decked Out

In true Asian tuner fashion fashion, Seoul is looking to trick out their subways with all kinds of crazy modifications. From fishtanks, LEDs, and fake vegetation, the trains are starting to look more like some awesome club rather than the metal tubes which run underground. And in true Korean style, they are knocking this idea off from Hong Kong which is already known for its customized trains such as the Mickey Mouse train that runs to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Now I know what you are thinking, “There is a Disneyland in Hong Kong!?!?!” More commonly called 香港迪士尼乐园度假区 Xiānggǎng Díshìnílèyuán Dùjiàqū, it opened in 2005 built on reclaimed land and has seen some controversy such as slumping numbers to protesters hating on them for serving shark’s fin soup. Yum… shark’s fin soup…. must eat. Screw you eco-jerks who don’t want me to indulge in the finer things of life like Mickey Mouse and shark’s fin.



Hello Kitty Hairball

November 2, 2007

Stupid YouTube took it down due to copyrights so instead you can read the wisdom of how Hello Kitty Has No Mouth.

When we had Mao, she should lower down and start huffing but nothing came out of her. But a hell of a lot came out the other end. Goddamn cat was a poop factory. It was like she had quotas to meet some nights. She probably wouldn’t have been so small if she didn’t crap so much.

If you ever wondered, those other guys are Hello Kitty’s friends Keroppi and Badtz Maru. She has a ton of friends, but the coolest is Shinkansen. He just rides the rails and the bitches all night long. He is a literal sex machine.

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