YenX: Your Pink Chirashi Directory

Pink Chirashi

Now I know for sure that you are scratching your head asking, “What are pink chirashi?” Well unless you have been to Japan and been there long enough to get mail, you probably didn’t encounter it while there on vacation. Pink Chirashi or pink handouts are flyers put into mail boxes in big cities that advertise deli heru services or delivery health services. Delivery Health services is the fancy term for legalized call-girl prostitution in Japan.

From the collective “HELLZ YEAH!!” I can hear off in the hills, I must remind you that as with all things Japanese it is expensive. Pricing can vary but as you see on the one above it is 100min for about $250. But she will do fellatio, 69, and let you ride her ass twice. And she takes credit cards (you swipe her crack like in a rap video). YenX is a very unique site that has scanned and collected hundreds of these Pink Chirashi for your “needs”. Between pizza, groceries, and ass being all delivered to your door, there is almost no reason to even leave home.

Chow Mai Poon Tang.

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2 Comments on “YenX: Your Pink Chirashi Directory”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lol WOW…
    How the hell is this legal over there?

  2. MaoChan Says:

    It is legal because it is. Prostitution in the call girl sense is legal. Same as the soapy hand job sauna places.

    Standing on the streets waving your va-jay-jay in the air is not.

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