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Dolce & Gabbana Gang Rape

November 7, 2007

D&G Gang Bang

You are probably wondering what the hell am I talking about. Well according to the National Organization for Woman (NOW) this ad, along with others, are offensive to women with this D&G ad being the worst for depicting gang rape.

In an interview, NOW Foundation President Kim Gandy said, “It’s in Esquire, so they probably don’t think a stylized gang rape will sell clothes to women, but what is more likely is that they think it will get them publicity. It’s a provocative ad but it is provoking things that really are not what we want to have provoked. We don’t need any more violence.

First off, Gandy, you look like a woman who has probably never seen a penis let alone a bunch of dudes ready to train a bitch, you need to watch some porn. Since when can’t people participate in a little gang bang action without being called rapists. And who says she isn’t consenting? I mean she looks pretty made up for the event. All I am saying is that you might need to get off your soap box and into some real issues like welfare reform and presidential elections. I highly doubt that 5 dudes about to give some hot chick the long dong is really creating this “atmosphere of violence towards women” but rather an “atmosphere she will never forget cuz she loved the DP.”

Awesome ads.

PS-MaoChan loves the ladies and does not condone any actions that would hurt them. He condones showing them a good time like a bottle of Boone’s Farm and a 10 pack of rubbers.