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WTW: Feudalism

November 9, 2007


I will start by saying sorry for slacking on the Weekend Time Wasters. Well now that I think about it, I have no idea if people like these so maybe it is a wash. Anyways, the game for this week is Feudalism. This is almost like a free flash version of Bladestorm, which is surprisingly fun from playing the demo on Xbox 360. You are in command of a hero and he has a squad who does the bulk of the fighting. Your goal is to move from city to city doing quests for money but eventually challenging the towns for control.

Another cool aspect is that you pick your starting character which can be a Nordic warrior, an Arab Sheik looking dude, to a Ninja/Samurai warlord. Nothing like recreating real life history of the great battle of Machu-Tokyo-Arabia when all the great forces around the world clashed in the mountainous jungle desert and would lead to the formation of the Trans-American/Asian/Muslim Telegraph system. God I love history, especially when I make it up like text books do.

“My Liege.”


Half-Life Movie Trailer

November 9, 2007

Yes this is old but it is a classic. Enjoy.

PS-This is not real just in case you think it is. There is no Half-Life movie.

Travis Touchdown & Blood Berry Beam Katana Costume

November 9, 2007

Travis Touchdown Cosplay

In terms of cool, this guy has to be off the meter considering this game isn’t even out. And the fact that he built a beam katana. Although late for Halloween this guy didn’t spare any expense when it came to recreating the character. From using a Force FX lightsaber to lots of hardware from Home Depot, the went all out. You are probably still wondering who the hell is Travis Touchdown?

No More Heroes (ノーモア・ヒーローズ, Nō Moa Hīrōzu) is an upcoming Wii video game being directed by Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51). The story of No More Heroes revolves around Travis Touchdown, a stereotypical otaku who lives in poverty in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, California. After winning a beam katana in an internet auction he becomes a hitman and kills another hitman—Helter Skelter—which earns him rank 11 by the UAA, the governing body of assassins. For the rest of the game the player lives Travis’ life, earning money and climbing the ranks of the UAA.