Japanese Supermen

Granted these guys can’t hold a candle to yours truly, they sure can hold their own when it comes to doing feats of extraordinary talent. But the still loose to my abilities. Let’s see the breakdown:

#1 Guy: Can catch arrows in mid-flight
Me: Killed a bat in mid-flight (this actually happened)
#2 Guy: Being a crazy mountain man with nunchuck skills
Me: Crazy ladies man with pleasuring skills
#3 Guy: Missing teeth man who wields boomerang thing that looks like a shoehorn
Me: Has a gorgeous smile and wields a force within my pants that no one dare reckon with
#4 Guy: Can spit ice at super speed to shatter objects despite having blurry eyes
Me: Shatters items with a gaze from my big brown eyes, you get lost in them

I think we have a clear winner. The children, they are always the winner.

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2 Comments on “Japanese Supermen”

  1. cygnus183 Says:

    I have to say that I had a part in that bat killing stunt.

  2. xiupan Says:

    Holy shit all that was fucking amazing! XD
    I’m so submitting this to the Mythbusters as potential superhuman things they can test 😛

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