The Japanese Jews

Japanese Jews

It looks like Hitler might have sided with his enemy in World War II. Scientists, historians, and religious gurus from all around have been looking into connections that the fabled lost tribes of Israel might have traveled far east all the way into Japan. From finding menorahs in Shinto temples to the fact that the famous Gion Matsuri is adorned with Middle Eastern art, the findings are staggering and heavily pointing to the fact that Japanese people are actually Jews.

One item of particular interest to myself was the noting of Tsurugisan on Shikoku Island in Tokushima prefecture. It is 1954.7 meters tall and one of the hundred famous mountains in Japan. When on a bus that was winding through the mountains on Shikoku, here and there you caught glimpses of Tsurugisan. Isolated, majestic, and now apparently Jewish. The video that follows is very informative on what scholars have found and here is a good write up on the events as well.


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