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Fired For Actually Doing His Job

November 30, 2007

Jeff Gerstmann was a reviewer over at Gamespot. Most people don’t know the name but they do know his 8.8 score of Twilight Princess. Well now that Eidos is buttfucking Gamespot and has Kane & Lynch ads everywhere, it is no surprise they threw a shit fit when their game got a 6.6 in ihs review which then led to his termination. Above is the review that got his ass saaaaaaacked.

The funny thing is that Eidos needs to realize how many crap games they put out. Sure they have their hits in there but also some pure crap, and it is that crap that gets lots of sequels and coverage. Anyone remember 25 to Life? The 50 Cent game? Yea that’s what I thought. Check out the list and sure there are classics there like Legacy of Kain and Fear Effect but there is also a lot of crap. Some Mad Maestro anyone?


The Japanese Tradition: Chopsticks

November 30, 2007

Ohashi, the honorable chopsticks. These two little pieces of wood have fed armies, stuffed nations of minions, and baffled many a white guy trying to look cool in front of his date at the local fish ‘n shits sushiya for yuppies. Well now you will be the Chopstick God.

From the proper breaking techs to the way you should hold your chopsticks, everything is covered. I think this is good as so many people go to Japan and then they sit down at a restaurant and guess what, not every place has forks that you can fall back on when it turns out you are super gaijin man. Not me though, I just psychoflex and the food ends up in my stomach.

This is a joke btw.