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Pop’n Music (ポップンミュージック) Madness

November 26, 2007

Now watch this and try telling your friends, “Oh dude, I so rock at games. I am 1337 beyond belief.” Wait, what’s that? What did you say? Did you just cry a little while your penis retreated into the warmth of your torso? That’s ok sonny, girls will still like you despite not having the 10 inch Pop’n Music e-Penis.

If you are wondering still what this game is, it is from Japan and falls into the Bemani category of games. I have tried it and it is fun but not my style. Also as one friend put it, “it looks like you are George Jetson working at Spacely’s Space Sprockets” and that killed it for me. I am not down with looking like a pussy-whipped retard of the future. I prefer to strive for something more manly.


MaoChan Alive And Resting

November 23, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have taken this time to recoup some HP after having been drained for awhile now. Regular posting schedule will resume on Monday but hopefully I will get a few up today and tomorrow, I just also haven’t been finding anything spectacular to share in the past couple of days. I think everyone has been on break/vacation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the Black Friday insanity.

Portal Cats

November 20, 2007

VG Cats Portal

As I think most of the world knows, since a ton of traffic came via the 300 comic post, that I read VG Cats. It is a great comic drawn by Scott Ramsoomair who’s only downfall is that I wish he would post more comics.

Now we all know what Portal is. From the cakes, costumes, toys, and probably soon to be butt plugs, everyone and their brother is riding on the Portal bandwagon. And since conformity is cool, so is MaoChan. Hence let us combine two passions, VG Cats and Portal. All wrapped into one nice bloody, humorous and cute mess. Like that drunk chick on the rag you scored with last Saturday. OH DAMN!! I did go there.

Party Escort Submission Position.

Himono Onna (干物女): Dried-Fish Woman and Other Weird Terms

November 19, 2007


30. Dried-fish woman [himono onna – 干物女]: Himono onna (”dried-fish woman”) is an expression used in the movie Hotaru No Hikari to describe the main character, a woman in her 20s who has renounced the pursuit of romance. She spends her evenings reading manga and drinking at home alone, and she spends her weekends lazing around in bed. She’s a dried-fish woman.

This is just 1 of 60 new buzzwords to have come up in 2007 in Japan. Following fads, fashion, sports, politics, and ladies, these new words are being ranked to see which are the top 10 buzzwords for the year. Some are funny like Disguised beef [gisou shokuniku] or Dark website [yami site – 闇サイト]. What is your favorite term?

Moushobi – 猛暑日

Metroid Cosplay

November 19, 2007

Metroid Cosplay

Now I realize that you might have thought after reading the title, “Who the hell would dress as a metroid?” If you did think that, turn in your gamer badge now and leave in disgrace. When speaking of metroid cosplay, people are always speaking on the topic of the what could be hot but usually is not portrayal of Samus Aran. Well I think you can see from above, it could be and it is hot.

In what is a disappointment to perverts all around, no there are no Zero Suit Samus pictures in this set. But there are some awesome Saya from Blood : The Last Vampire anime. Blood was a cool short film set in post-WWII Japan, a few months before the beginning of the Vietnam War. Its main protagonist is a girl named Saya, who rocks the Casbah vampiric demons with a vengeance.

(Cuz Samus never talks)

Danny Choo Got Served

November 15, 2007

Japanese woman who dances on the street in Shinjuku when they close it on Sundays. She never cease to scare a few of the locals and tourists alike with her intensity and seemingly free form style

It really looks more like Helen Keller if she stuck her finger in an electrical socket but you can’t deny the talent nerve it takes to go act a fool in the middle of the street. All I can think is that even without issuing an official challenge, she is more than willing to tell Danny Choo to eat a biscuit cuz she got mad skillz yo.

The Japanese Jews

November 15, 2007

Japanese Jews

It looks like Hitler might have sided with his enemy in World War II. Scientists, historians, and religious gurus from all around have been looking into connections that the fabled lost tribes of Israel might have traveled far east all the way into Japan. From finding menorahs in Shinto temples to the fact that the famous Gion Matsuri is adorned with Middle Eastern art, the findings are staggering and heavily pointing to the fact that Japanese people are actually Jews.

One item of particular interest to myself was the noting of Tsurugisan on Shikoku Island in Tokushima prefecture. It is 1954.7 meters tall and one of the hundred famous mountains in Japan. When on a bus that was winding through the mountains on Shikoku, here and there you caught glimpses of Tsurugisan. Isolated, majestic, and now apparently Jewish. The video that follows is very informative on what scholars have found and here is a good write up on the events as well.