“You Have a WHAT?!?!?!”

It is late at night, you are at the club and the music is pumping. The beat is telling you that it is time to find some action as the last three Vodka & Red Bulls surge through your veins. There is that warm flush that just drips over you and then the heat that gushes from the lions. Out the corner of your eye the glimpse occurs. Brief but full of intention, the sexy kind of intention. As you gaze over the supple curves, your eyes slow down. They start to focus and stare as your heart beat begins to race. It dawns on you that there is a curve that shouldn’t be there. A subtle bump or more colloquially known as a dong hump. And as your eyes glaze over, your brain starts to scream, “It’s a trap!”

But we are not going to hold it against you as I bet you probably couldn’t tell the difference, especially if you are hanging out with some of the ladyboys from Thailand featured in the clip. It’s ok, we won’t look down on you. Think of it like figuring out that you actually like some Hickory Farms Summer Sausage.

Oh man.

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