Babylon A.D.

Babylon AD

Most people hear Vin Diesel and then start to whine. Sure he has been in bad movies but that doesn’t make him a bad actor. People need to go back and watch Pitch Black to see how well and finely crafted that role was portrayed and built out. So finding out he is going to star in a film adaptation of Babylon Babies sounds good to me.

Vin stars as Toorop, the mercenary, who is supposed to escort a woman from Russia to Canada. He learns that she is manipulated by a synthetic virus and that what lies inside her can be the downfall of the human race.

Think Children of Men and add a dose of Blade Runner and a dash of Diesel. But one of the big reasons too is that it is set to costar Michelle Yeoh, who has starred in greats such as Wo Hu Cang Long (no tigers and dragons for me), Memoirs of a Geisha, and of course, Sunshine.

Teaser Video.

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One Comment on “Babylon A.D.”

  1. xiupan Says:

    :O! Sounds sweet!!
    Is Michelle Yeoh going to be the woman he escorts?

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