Baby Blender

Baby Blender

Of the people who I have met over time, they always come back to one constant. They always say, “You find the line and don’t just cross it. You take a flying leap over it.” Well there was so far one line I can think of that I hadn’t crossed and that was the dead baby line. Well now at least you can think me disgusting while you take a sip of your drink fresh from the baby blender. And how better to put a smile on that face covered in baby juices than some dead baby in blender jokes?

What’s red and white and goes around?
A baby in a blender.

Why do you put a baby in the blender feet first?
So you can watch its expression.

What’s red and white, goes round and round and pretends it doesn’t give a shit?
A baby in a blender that flicked its own switch.

Why do they boil water when a baby’s born?
So that if it’s born dead, they can make soup.

I threw in that last one on the house, cuz it is hilarious.

*If you didn’t figure it out, this is a joke. The “blender” is a bathtub…. for grinding babies.

“Like ribs… only baby.”

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One Comment on “Baby Blender”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lmfao! Whoever designed that product obviously has never heard a single dead baby joke… 😛

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