Press Button. Receive Bacon. Enjoy Bacon.

Enjoy Bacon

Over the years, none recently, I have partaken in my fair share of property defacement. By the hands of a paint can or other means (including but not limited to bologna). I never though was able to really gain the skill to tag, just destroy. But some people tag but with humor in mind and I wish there was more of that than just seeing “EH3BOYZ 4 LIFE” or whatever other illiterate shit that people might put up.

My favorite one is above and I will definitely be doing it once I find some place that has a sign as such. The warm, happy feelings I get when I think to myself that in some place, somewhere, there might actually be a bacon faucet is the stuff dreams are made of. Now to find the bacon shower.


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One Comment on “Press Button. Receive Bacon. Enjoy Bacon.”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lol that’s great XD

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