How to Jump Rope And Look Constipated

While most people when watching this video focus on the fact that the girl can jump rope incredibly fast, 151 times in 30 seconds, they are missing an all important lesson that she is trying to help out with. And that is how to jump rope and look constipated.

Not many people have mastered the art, hence her being featured on a nightly variety show. Her skill and concentration are not to be rivaled as she portrays and conveys the look of a person trying to entice her uncooperative bowels into moving fecal matter out her rectum. But you can tell she is winning the battle as a smile is present on her face amidst the expressions of pushing and straining. If only we all had that kind of dedication to our personal abilities, humanity would be better off.

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One Comment on “How to Jump Rope And Look Constipated”

  1. xiupan Says:

    She just pooped 151 times in 30 seconds!

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