Is That Wagyu Beef or You Just Happy to See Me?

Wagyu Beef

People always talk about how they ate this or that at some fancy boutique restaurant. It is funny sometimes because they will make escargot sound like the monkey brains from Temple of Doom. Well same does for when people talk about Wagyu beef aka Kobe beef. Since Japanese beef is banned from import, most people have just been eating Kobe-style beef and not the real thing.

Now is it good, well I can describe it from experience: While in Japan at Yumenoi at the Shiota Onsen outside of Himeji, we had Wagyu beef. And yes, it melts like butter on your tongue. I ate it shabu-shabu style along with lobster tails, soup containing matsutake, and other fancy things in a 13 course feast. And yes it was real, delicious, and yes it cost about $500 per person to eat.

I love meat. Meat, meat, meat.

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One Comment on “Is That Wagyu Beef or You Just Happy to See Me?”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Ahhh I wish I had the opportunity to eat such fine foods~! :O

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