MaoChan Was in DC

The Capital Building

Well Mr. & Mrs. MaoChan got to take a mini vacation up to DC this weekend. It was for business but that only occurred Monday morning. The rest of the weekend was left to us to do whatever and whoever* we pleased. We ate a lot of food, including the first time I ever got to eat Afghani food. Let me tell you something about Afghani food, it is awesome although the dish could sound nasty. Take Kadu for example. Kadu is a pumpkin cooked and topped with a meat sauce and yogurt sauce. It was sweet, meaty, and so tasty.

Also took a trip to the Rock Bottom Brewery where I sampled every beer they had available. If you ever make it out there get the Stillwater Stout. It was just like drinking a fresh Mackeson’s XXX which is a very good stout. Also the food is good, I had the buffalo fajitas which were very nice and tender.

I hope you all had fun and the Superbowl game had to be one of the single most exciting games shown by the NFL. All that would of made it better would have been Manning bodyslamming the entire Patriots lineup at the end just to rub it in their face after that stupid :01 second play they had to do.

*Note: That actually doesn’t mean anything, I got better chances with a goat than another lady mainly cuz I love Mrs. MaoChan

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One Comment on “MaoChan Was in DC”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Man I could definitely go for a Mackeson’s right about now! 😛

    I didn’t know Afghanistan had food… lol jk

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