How to Buy Flowers For The Ladies

Ikebana Tiger Lily

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Guy’s everywhere are wondering what the hell to get some woman they wanna sleep with. One standard fall back is flowers. But do you realize that flowers have meaning. From type to color, there is symbolism in them. The kind of symbolism that can mean the difference between “oh you put thought into these, let’s screw” to “oh you just bought some flowers, thanks”.

Above is a classic example of a personal favorite of mine, the Tiger Lily (Oniyuri in Japanese), being used in an Ikebana presentation. Lilies revered by the Greeks and thought it sprouted from the milk of Hera. They symbolize virtue, humility and devotion. The white is innocence, humility, and reverence while the pink stands for grace, gentility, and happiness. That’s right, MaoChan does his homework hence there is a Mrs. MaoChan. Oh yeah!

Color Guide.
Flower Type Guide.

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One Comment on “How to Buy Flowers For The Ladies”

  1. xiupan Says:

    hehe thanks for the tips 😛

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