Orange Balls

At the local Konbini (Lawson and Shop 99 are two personal favorites) you have the ability to buy anything such that you can live without ever going to a real store. I did it for 45 days while hiking Shikoku. Bandages, they got it. Porno, they got it. Hanbāgā (ハンバーガー), they got it. I think you get the idea that they sell everything. When you go to pay the workers are usually very nice and will usually offer to heat up any food you just bought. But say you were more interested in robbing the place, how does that work?

Well in Japan, at banks, convenience stores, and other stores, right next to the register are these giant, usually orange balls. They are anti-theft dye balls. When robbed, the worker throws the ball at the robber and the robber is dyed with the liquid inside so that the cops can find him. Turns out that liquid also stinks really bad so you can’t even try to play it cool when half your face is orange since you will stink. And nothing turns a woman off faster than a half orange faced AND stinky stranger hitting on them.

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One Comment on “Orange Balls”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lol hmmm I had no idea! 😛

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