MaoChan is Doing The Fartin Von Pukin Dance

Emo Cat

Fucking Kraft brand BBQ sauce. So on Wednesday before my usual going outs, I ate hot dogs. Well I was tired of using ketchup so for one of them I opened up the Kraft brand BBQ sauce that had been sitting in the back of the fridge… since we moved into our new apartment. Mind you that was back in September so sure it was months ago but still condiments usually last quite awhile.

Well next thing I knew it was 2am and anything that was in my system was evacuating my body and I had a 100 degree fever. I still feel like hammered shit but alot better than the other night. Well so much for what seemed to be getting back on track with posts. Hopefully I will feel better come the end of the weekend.

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One Comment on “MaoChan is Doing The Fartin Von Pukin Dance”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Ouch… so that’s what it was huh?

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