De Nyew Testament: Praez Da Man

Gullah NT

Now fo you go dun hatin tha MaoChan is hatin, reed this. Gullah is a real thing, with studies by Purdue’s Black Cultural Center and others on the preservation of Gullah. But now even if that is all you speak, you can now be praising the Lord along with all the others. Here is another example:

John 13:34-35

An now A da gii oona a nyew chaage. Oona fa lob one noda. Same fashion A done lob oona, same fashion oona fa lob one noda. Ef oona da lob one noda, ebrybody gwine know dat oona me ciple dem.

Yeah….. I think I got it, “Sala means jerk and Manjula means some kind of spaceship.”


Fo Reelz Yo!

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One Comment on “De Nyew Testament: Praez Da Man”

  1. xiupan Says:

    lol retard speak is retarded
    lawl! 😛

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