Happy Cat Day

Calliope Upclose

Today is 2/22 aka Happy Cat Day!! We celebrate those cats which invade our lives and poop in boxes while you try to eat dinner but get distracted by the fumes. They provide humor, annoyance, love, and fur. I was never a cat person until I went to Japan and had to live with two cats, Anko and Kinako. Anko was a fucking prissy bitch who would scratch and shit on the floor. Kinako was by buddy who would come sleep with me and in general hang out in my room. Thanks to Kinako I became a cat fancier, Anko just made me hate 2am Saturday toilet trips as there would be shit everywhere.

Since the passing of Mao, we have been living now with the very goofy and cute Calliope. That is her above and you can hit the jump for two more pictures.


Calliope Tail
Here she is all stretched out and showing off her little white “boots”.

Calliope Weird Face
I don’t know what it is but in this picture she looks retarded.

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One Comment on “Happy Cat Day”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Kitty~! 😛

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