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Real Sumo: Why Tickets Cost So Much

March 31, 2008

Everyone has heard of Sumo wrestling. The sport of two fat dudes in thongs playing grab ass till someone falls out of the ring or to the floor. Well that is what Japan wants you to think, mainly due to the fact that the truth is too dangerous to let out to the rest of the world. Sumo is actually a colliding battle of gargantuan titans, that unleash untold energy that can cleave the arena, nigh, the world in two.

From the burning intensity in the competitor’s eyes to the power grapples, everything is full of explosive Hi-NRG! Do not make the mistake of thinking that what we all know as sumo is sumo. This video was secretly taken at an event in Japan, only 15,000 causalities were reported.


Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Photo Tour

March 27, 2008

Tokyo Anime Fair 2008

The guys over at the always awesome Akihabara News took a trip over to the Tokyo Anime Fair and provided a great gallery of photos. The fair brings in many Japanese TV channel or Studios that are there to promote the next year’s big items such as the new Macross series which will start airing in April. As always was the ever present Gundam. By the way, ever wonder where Gundanium comes from?

Gundanium’s name is actually an acronym; it stands for Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy. The suffix -nium was added to distinguish it from similar alloys being made on Earth. In the After Colony Universe, the word “Gundam” is derived from this acronym (GUNDAnium Mobile suit). Despite this fact, not every mobile suit made with Gundanium is a Gundam (examples: Vayeate, Mercurius).


Play Catan & Carcassonne Online Free

March 26, 2008

Settlers of Catan

If you have been to my place you would realize that the latest craze to break out is non-stop play of Settlers of Catan. What is Catan you ask?

Settlers was the first German-style board game to achieve popularity outside Europe, and has been called the “killer app” of designer board games. Over 11 million games in the Catan series have been sold, and the game has been translated into twenty-five languages from the original German.

So in otherwords everyone plays Catan. Well now you can too with free online play at Aso Brain Games. They feature ranking, custom boards, even play including the expansions (Seafarers of Catan & Cities and Knights). They also feature online Carcassonne play. If you don’t know what that is then you can look it up yourself, I’m tired of doing all the work in this relationship you bum.

Got any wood?

Great Movie Scenes a la Typography

March 21, 2008

Just watch the video above which takes the great scene in David Fincher’s Fight Club and blurs it with typography art. This form of representation really brings forth the weight that these words convey. This was one of those movies every 16 year old went to see because it was “cool”. It had fighting, Brad Pitt, and quotable lines. But now stop and think, do you really realize what the book’s message was and how Fincher was trying to convey that with images? Well now you can see it all the better.

In the recent film by Gary Hustwit, Helvetica, “a variety of experts opine on the importance of typefaces as well as the subtle, unrealized effects that typography can have on us.” Well now watch these famous scenes in cinema brought to life with only words and see just how powerful words can be.

Check out the rest.

It Has Been ‘Shopped

March 20, 2008

Phantom Hand

We have all tried our hand at photoshop at some point. Some might have ventured over to the Something Awful Friday contest. But when you think that when your job is to be a photoshop dude, that you hopefully would not make a mistake and do something like, say, leave a phantom hand in the photo.

From extra limbs, missing limbs, anime make-overs, to just full on body changes, the list of screw ups just keep adding up. And they are all documented for people to see at this great new site called PhotoShopped.

“Something is wrong here.”

A Year in Review

March 19, 2008

A Year in Review

Most people don’t realize (actually I didn’t realize) but MaoChan is over 1 year old, 14 months to be exact. While the first two months were definitely growing pains with only 71 hits the first month, it has grown to 300+ a day and averaging about 10,000 a month now. I want to say thanks to everyone who visits even though not many people comment but at least someone is reading.

I will admit that so far only about $20 have been made via MaoChan which I am not surprised but I will thank all those who purchased items with my JList link. Otherwise this has been a labor of love that I hope someone other than me enjoys. Also if you were wondering, yes the top stories involve booty with the Akiba Maid Cafe post topping for all time, with the top searches coming in with the terms:

Maid Cafe

Thank you to friends such as Samurai Soapbox (where did you go?), JapanProbe, TV in Japan, JList, Strapya, Pink Tentacle, and a very special thanks to Andrew Leonard over at for reading and referencing.

The year has seen the passing of the Great Helmsman, and the joining of a new member Calliope.

The final thanks will go to my wife, Mrs. MaoChan. For understanding my issues, shortcomings, taking care of me when sick, when friends and I get loud during Xbox sessions, and in general putting up with me.

To another year! Gan Bei & Kampai!!

What The Hell am I Going to Read Now?

March 19, 2008

Arthur C Clarke

When I read, I find an author I like and then I go through and try and read everything that someone has written. Arthur C. Clarke was one of those, as he was one of if not the greatest hard sci-fi writers to ever have lived. He is in the pantheon with Asimov (I, Robot) and Heinlein (Starship Troopers) whose books have inspired inventions such as his 1945 article in Wireless World magazine which led to the invention of of a worldwide communications network based on fixed satellites orbiting Eath at 22,300 miles in 1963 by Syncom II.

From the Rama series to his latest series A Time Odyssey co-written with Stephen Baxter (the new Clarke), Clarke’s books were more than just science fiction adventures about robots, they delved into the human mind on how technology has and will shape emotions and relationships. He brought the human aspect to the genre of robots.

He lived his final years in Sri Lanka where he died at the age of 90 due to a cardio-respiratory attack.

Watch his last message to all.