MSG: The Wonder Seasoning


Monosodium glutamate. For some reason that word has had such a stigma and for no reason. People all over Asia have used it forever and no one has died due to it being in food. But of course here in the US, people find out that something like MSG was being used and they freak and thus your parents have ground in into your stupid, impressionable brain that MSG is a bad guy. Well fret not my fine feathered friend. People are starting to realize that not only is MSG not bad in reasonable doses but that it is also found in EVERYTHING!!

From professional cooks who just add it in to using ingredients that have it in them, lots of people have been ingesting items full of MSG and wondering to themselves, “Wow! Why is this so good.” For example is the bastardization of sushi that has grown popular in America such as the Spicy Tuna roll. Why is that so good? That’s due to the Japanese mayo, Kewpie Mayo, that is loaded with MSG. And by the way you posers, eat some sashimi for once in awhile. A deep fried, fake crab and avocado roll with MSG sauce does not constitute you being a “sushi eater”. It makes you a crap eater.

Mmmmmm. MSG.

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One Comment on “MSG: The Wonder Seasoning”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    a) MSG is the wonder ingredient (cue entrance of the Four Fathers)


    b) EAT REAL SUSHI ASSHATS! California, Philadelphia, Montana, Ohio, (random state name) rolls don’t count!

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