Sashimi That Moves

Now if you know me personally, then you probably know I love to eat animals. Of all my goals in life, one is to eat every animal possible. And I prefer to eat most food raw including beef, chicken (yes you can), fish, squid, horse, caribou, alligator. The only thing I don’t like with strong feelings is shellfish. Something about them being the ocean’s poop filter and their taste doesn’t agree with my palette. Now I love sashimi, nothing can compare to the good stuff. But how fresh is fresh? Well this now one ups them all as the fish is still moving after it is cut up and served. I love this idea, to watch while I eat my victim.

My current top conquest in terms of taste, rarity, and also due to the fact that it will never happen again is when on Chichijima in the Ogasawara island chain (Bonin Islands), where after having volunteered at an endangered sea turtle rescue center, we got to eat sashimi style sea turtle. But the coup de grace was that it was served out of the the turtle’s own shell. The raw flesh of the animals I just finished helping out to live being consumed out of their own carapace was the most savored meal I have ever had. Yes, I have issues.

Squirm for me.

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